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canada goose coats But getting back to that typical person, firstly, the original Flynn effect paper only studied the difference between 1932 and the 1970s, and the one I linked to above (a more rigorous, more recent one) only looks at recent from 1951 onwards (because the standards of reporting the statistics earlier than the 1950s were likely a fair bit weaker). It may be that the difference between 1910 and 1950 is not all that great, and so the effect is not quite as dramatic (and remember that the Great Depression did mean that people circa the 1930s really did have nutritional deficiencies who might not have had them two decades before). And we can easily compare the results of modern people on the earlier IQ tests from the first half of the century; those tests typically assume knowledge that people might no longer have, because the world has changed canada goose coats.

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