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I think a better solution would be to give the kids in your

You will be so glad you did. Carry them in your car, but be prepared to use them. If you need to put chains on, please get out of the middle of the road. I’m there because I’m my moms daughter, but I’m not really part of the family, and should not expect to be treated as such. It just sort of made me feel like an awkward burden.BUT, buuuuuuut, I totally agree with you, the answer is absolutely NOT to send out Christmas lists for these children you’ve never met, and insist that they get all of the $50 $150 gifts just because they’ll be at the family celebration. It sounds more like your cousin and her boyfriend don’t want to provide a Christmas for these kids so they’re hoping the rest of the family will, which is absurd since you can’t afford that, and don’t even know these kids, and probably won’t be getting to know them.I nikesdunksb think a better solution would be to give the kids in your family their bigger gifts at a different time maybe Christmas Eve, or something.

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