Punch TV Studios-Los Angeles, CA

Punch TV Studios is an American production and broadcast company committed to producing unique high-quality films and television programs (our “Content”) through our state-of-the-art production studio.  Our core business model is to license and distribute our content to broadcasters and distributors all over the world.

The Studio consists of:

Syndication- The licensing of the right to broadcast televised programs.

Merchandising- The enterprise of promoting the sale of goods.

Production- The construction of Movies and Television Shows.

Licensing- The certification of major productions with the intent of being broadcasted.

Broadcasting and Network- The distribution of televised content over a system of interconnected televised stations.

Music- The manufacturing of audbibles.

This fully integrated approach is ushering in a new era of how television networks deliver programming and advertising messages to consumers.  Through this new approach, Punch TV Studios ensures that its partners will benefit from the intensity of advertising that is guaranteed to saturate viewers with the message of its sponsors.


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